Application - Adler (Accepted)

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Application - Adler (Accepted) Empty Application - Adler (Accepted)

Post  Hans Adler on Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:09 am

1. Realism Name: (First and Last) (Please, no famous or infamous German names, be it from history or hanz adler
Hans Adler

2. Age: (We currently have an age restriction of 18 and up)

3. Country:

4. Previous Realism Units/Clans:

us marshalls

5. Were you dishonorably discharged from any of the above Units/Clans?:


6. How much time a week do you have to commit to the 10.SS?:
alll the time i can give

7. What does realism play mean to you? (I suggest writing more than a sentence.)
realism to me is a series of events that happend in the past reancted it to be historicly accurate

8. Why are you choosing the 10.SS Panzer-Division? (Also suggest more than a sentence.)
becouse it looks like to be a very good clan

9. Where did you hear about the 10.SS Panzer-Division? (Forum, server, etc...?)
my friend Badger

10 .Do you have a working Microphone or Headset? (Required):

11. Steam ID (this is your login / account name. Not a numerical sequence) :


12. What is your preferred in-game weapon?:

the mp40

thx for reading this and i am sorry for my lying im just very desperate to get in a good clan
such as thx 1

Hans Adler

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Application - Adler (Accepted) Empty Re: Application - Adler (Accepted)

Post  admin on Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:37 am


Von: SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 21 Hauptquartier

Zu: SS-Bewerber Adler


SS-Bewerber Adler,

Your application has been re-reviewed and accepted for an interview. Your name on the website will be changed in line with the realism name you have chosen, if you check your private messages you will find a PM containing all the necessary information to begin your career with the 10.SS Panzer Division.

Viel Glück


- SS-Oberscharführer Alois Hertz

"History is always written by the victor, and the histories of the losing parties belong to the shrinking circle of those who were there."

- Joachim Peiper

Alois Hertz

SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 21./ 1.Kompanie/ 1.Zug

Oberscharführer u. Zugführer

Application - Adler (Accepted) Ah3_bm11


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