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Post  Lorenz Georg on Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:39 pm

Von: Uffz. Lorenz Georg, Gruppenführer der 2. Gruppe "Adler"

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As some of you already know, the requirements for the Schützenschnüre (Marksmanship Lanyards) have been revised and developed upon as of late following the discovery of pertinent information regarding how the Wehrmacht actually awarded them.

The new and more historically accurate system revolves around the concept of Stufen, or grades. Stufen 1 through 4 represent the Bronze lanyard, 5 through 8 the Silver, and 9 through 12 the Gold. The three main lanyards have a separate range each at the Übungsplatz with increasingly difficult requirements as you ascend to the next set of Stufen.


Regarding Schützenschnüre Markmanshipbronze-1
Successfully passing through the Bronze Prüfung Schießstände for the first time will earn you the Bronze lanyard (1. Stufe). Repeating the test will earn an Eichel (acorn), and bring you up to the 2. Stufe. The third test will add a second Eichel, and the fourth a third.
Conditions for the Bronze are as follows:

- Hit 13 out of 15 targets with the K98 rifle while standing, crouched, and prone.
- Hit 13 out of 15 targets in under 60 seconds with a MG42.


Regarding Schützenschnüre Schuetzenschnursilber
After attaining the first four Stufen, you may progress to the Silver lanyard. You begin this class of lanyards with an unadorned Silver lanyard at the 5. Stufe. Progressing through the next three Stufen, you attach an Eichel with each successful repeat of the test.
Conditions for the Silver are as follows:

- Hit 14 out of 15 targets with the K98 rifle while standing, crouched, and prone.
- Hit 14 out of 15 targets in under 50 seconds with a MG42.


Regarding Schützenschnüre Markmanshipgold

The pattern continues into the Gold class of lanyards with Stufen 9 through 12, with 10 onwards adding an Eichel per successful test. The targets are at even longer ranges, with even more constrictions on requirements. A potential sniper will wish to attain this level of marksmanship as a demonstration of competence and skill.
Conditions for the Gold are as follows:

- Hit all 15 targets with the K98 rifle. Due to distances involved, this shooting will be done while prone; however, target distance will be varying extensively as opposed to the more linear distances encountered at lower Stufen.
- Hit all 15 targets in under 40 seconds with a MG42.

An additional condition of this system: Marksmanship tests, successful or not, are only to be taken once a week per individual. If you pass a test, you must wait a week until you may try for the next. Likewise, if you fail, you must wait a week for a retest. This increases the challenge and the amount of time and dedication required to attain the awards, but also comes with the added benefit of Soldaten being allotted time to practice and prepare between tests.

Unfortunately, as a result of the increased difficulty of the Bronze marksmanship range and the extensive overhaul of this tier of awards as a whole, those of you who hold marksmanship awards earned prior to the implementation of this system (January 16th, 2012) must retest if you would like to keep them.

Those interested in taking marksmanship tests are advised to practice on the ranges when possible and contact their NCO to conduct the test.


Regarding Schützenschnüre Siggnew

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