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Post  Lorenz Georg on Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:34 pm

25. Infanterie-Division (mot.)



Smolensk Stalemate, Russia



- 25. Infanterie-Divison (mot.), 1. Gruppe "Luchs".

- Elements of the 369 Reinforced Infantry Regiment (Kroatien).

- 10th NKVD-GUVV Division.

- Tankers and supporting infantry of the 24. Panzer Division.


- 1./ Pioniere Bataillon of the 305.Infanterie-Division with tank support.

Objectives: In the first engagement, playing Soviet, we were tasked with the defense of the Ridge, and were to fall back to the Village in the event of being dislodged and pushed from our positions. In the second engagement, playing Axis, a small element of the 25. was to keep watch on the far east flank in forward positions in farmhouses, while the others remained behind to defend the Farm objective.



First Engagement


The first engagement was disastrous. Unteroffizier Hertz and Schütze Stotz were to hold down the bunker on the Ridge, Schütze Winkler was set to defend the left flanking mortar postion, Rekrut Stamper was to hold the right mortar position, and I was ordered to observe the far right flank. Within moments of assuming our positions on the Ridge, the enemy had opened fire on the ridgeline, forcing our heads down and allowing themselves leeway to advance. I was killed first, hit by rifle fire coming from the right flank. Shortly after, the enemy tank began firing high explosive rounds at the ridgeline, hitting the bunker and killing Hertz and Stotz. Winkler took Stamper and retreated to a large house far back in the Village to set up what defense they could afford while waiting for the enemy to arrive.

After waiting through a particularly prolonged engagement - due in part to our allies ineffectually trying to flank behind the enemy and systematically being hunted down - Winkler and Stamper were the last to be overwhelmed when the Germans finally reached the Village. They were shot down as they turned to face the enemy assault troopers who had managed to enter the house.

Casualties - Taken: Full casualties sustained.

Inflicted: None known.

Casualty Report

Obgf. Lorenz Georg - First killed by enemy rifle fire.

Uffz. Alois Hertz - Killed by a high explosive round fired by an enemy Sturmgeschütz IIIb.

Schtz. Peter Stotz - Killed by the same high explosive round as Hertz.

Schtz. Gustav Winkler - Killed by German assault troopers in the large house in the village.

Rek. Klaus Stamper - Fell in the same assault as Winkler.



Second Engagement


Now playing as Germans, we were more in our element. Hertz took Stotz and Winkler, with the objective of defending the Farm. I was assigned, with Stamper, to take position in a forward eastern farmhouse to monitor enemy movements and relay information back to our allies, as well as to prevent a flanking maneuver through the wheat fields.

Stamper and I reached our position without incident. I instructed him to watch the staircase while I would observe the area through the windows. After a few minutes, the enemy T-60 light tank rolled past our position. Ordering Stamper to remain in the house, I ran to engage, but the tank had already crossed the battlefield unimpeded, focusing its attention on the StuGIIIb and evading numerous sapping attempts. I quickly returned to the house and we resumed our original activities.

After a few more uneventful minutes, I spotted a Soviet rifleman crawling down the ridge and remaining covered from my rifle fire. Hertz reports that, within this time frame, an assault began on the Farm objective, and he, Winkler, and Stotz were poised to defend the barn. Hertz was killed by a round from the enemy T-60, and Winkler and Stotz were killed by the infantry flooding into the building. At the same time, at Stamper and I's position, more enemy infantry had began appearing around the house opposite us - the infantryman crawling down the ridge was likely only one of the group, or an observer. As the last German soldiers left, we intended to make the Soviets bleed for their victory. I successfully shot and killed two enemy soldiers from the window, while Stamper killed an infantryman who attempted to break into the downstairs room.

I looked out the window again and spotted the T-60 rolling by next to the house again. I attempted to throw a satchel through the window, only for it to bounce back into the room. I warned Stamper to get downstairs and we successfully evaded the explosion. Only now, we were in the thick of it, as enemy infantry had now surrounded the house, and the tank was outside. Desperately, I ran to throw the remaining satchel out the door, towards the tank and infantry I had seen nearby through the door, hoping to kill at least one of them. A grenade flew into the house and killed Stamper and I. But immediately after, the satchel detonated, costing the Soviet Union a T-60 in the process.

Casualties - Taken: Full casualties sustained.

Inflicted: Five confirmed casualties; one infantryman killed by Rek. Stamper, two infantry and two tankers killed by Obgf. Georg.

Casualty Report

Uffz. Alois Hertz - Killed by enemy tank fire.

Obgf. Lorenz Georg - Killed by a grenade thrown by infantry while attempting an attack on their tank.

Schtz. Peter Stotz - Killed in the infantry assault on the Farm.

Schtz. Gustav Winkler - Killed in the infantry assault on the Farm.

Rek. Klaus Stamper - Killed by the same grenade as Georg while engaging the enemy.



In attendance: - Uffz. Alois Hertz

- Obgf. Lorenz Georg

- Schtz. Peter Stotz

- Schtz. Gustav Winkler

- Rek. Klaus Stamper

Not In attendance: - Oschtz Knud Madsen (Leave of Absence)

- Schtz. Nikolaus Kreutz (Leave of Absence)

- Rek. Günter Svoboda


[right]- Signed:

Lorenz Georg
Lorenz Georg
Lorenz Georg
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