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Post  Lorenz Georg on Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:26 pm

25. Panzergrenadier-Division



Simonskall, Hürtgen Forest



- 25. Panzergrenadier-Division, 1. Gruppe "Luchs".
- 1.SS LSSAH, Kampfgruppe Füß.
- 506th PIR, Company "C"

Objectives: German forces tasked with the defense of Simonskall in the Hürtgen Forest. 1.SS LSSAH to defend the Valley Inn, while Gruppe Hertz of the 25. Panzergrenadier-Division was to defend the Chapel of the town against American forces assaulting from the South.


Combat Report

Kampfgruppe Füß and Gruppe "Luchs" immediately took up posts at the Chapel and Valley Inn areas when alarmed of enemy presence. I ordered the MG-Schütze to set his MG34 looking east at our largest flank; I also set rifleman Klaus Stamper up in an easterly direction to assist the MG and resupply when needed. I ordered Lorenz Georg to watch the south flank to cover an open flank of the MG team. Nikolaus Kreutz was also set in the chapel looking south to assist Georg's retreat if needed. Knud Madsen was set in cover to keep enemy forces from entering the western door.
After approximately 10 minutes of silence, Peter Stotz spotted an enemy Recon officer. He fired a short burst, but missed. I then ordered Stamper to take the shot and, though he missed the first shot, the second shot made contact and killed the stunned lieutenant. The 1.SS were then attacked by the main force at the Inn.
After a twenty minute firefight both the main assault group and 1.SS had been eliminated. Having taken no casualties, I ordered everyone to maintain their positions. We then encountered another Recon element to our immediate south. Kreutz shot and killed one enemy rifleman in that direction. I also noticed an enemy in the bushes to our south; I opened fire and killed him. Georg, still outside watching the south, was flanked by an enemy infantryman. He took a shot at the enemy rifleman and immediately took cover. Kreutz quickly lined up the enemy rifleman and killed him. Possibly saving Georg's life. Following that engagement, we encountered no further enemy forces.
We soon learned that all other enemy forces and friendly forces had been eliminated. When the dust settled all that remained was the 25. PGD.

Casualties - Taken: None sustained.
Inflicted: 4 confirmed enemy kills, including a 1.Lt of the Recon element.

Casualty Report

No casualties sustained.



In attendance: - Uffz. Alois Hertz
- Obgf. Lorenz Georg
- Pzogren. Knud Madsen
- Pzgren. Nikolaus Kreutz
- Pzgren. Peter Stotz
- Rkt. Klaus Stamper
Not In attendance: All absent alerted me beforehand.


- Signed:

[i]Alois Hertz

Lorenz Georg
Lorenz Georg
Lorenz Georg
SS Scharführer
SS Scharführer

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