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Post  Lorenz Georg on Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:19 pm

25. Infanterie-Division (mot.)



Scenario 3 - Dzerzhinsky Tractor Works, Stalingrad



- 25. Infanterie-Divison (mot.), 1.Gruppe "Luchs".

- Elements of the 369 Reinforced Infantry Regiment (Kroatien)

- 506th PIR (?)

- Rifleman from the 24. Panzer Division.


- 1./ Pioniere Battalion of the 305.Infanterie-Division

Objectives: German forces tasked with the capture of the Dzerzhinsky Tractor Works both floors (South 1 & South 2). 25.ID and 369. RIR were to be used as main assault force, while the 506th PIR were to be in support.



First Engagement


The first engagement was a tremendous failure. We encountered heavy fire on our way to the objective; the plan conducted by Ufw. Jadranko Novak fell apart almost immediately. The 369. RIR could not cover our assault, and we were soon flanked and surrounded. We took two casualties (Obgf. Georg and Rek. Winkler). Schtz. Madsen and I proceeded to capture the second floor of the Tractor Works. The flanking force made their way to the second floor door and killed Schtz. Madsen, and as I ran to engage the enemy, the Bolshevik responsible for Madsen's death used the captured Maschinenpistole against me.

Casualties - Taken: Full casualties sustained.

Inflicted: None known.

Casualty Report

Obgf. Lorenz Georg - First killed by 305. ID flanking maneuver.

Uffz. Alois Hertz - Last killed in Tractor Works building.

Schtz. Knud Madsen - Killed when the 305. ID entered the second floor.

Rek. Gustav Winkler - Second killed by 305. ID flanking maneuver.



Second Engagement


After the first engagement, we rethought our strategy and took a completely different assault path. The 25. ID was tasked with securing the West Commons area and destroying the anti-vehicle barricade near the Apartments. We arrived to our position, dismounted, and immediately took one casualty - Schtz. Knud Madsen - during the run to a nearby foxhole. We were dialed in by an enemy sniper team. I was then killed by the Sniper as I attempted to record and relay their position to our allies. Obgf. Lorenz Georg and Rek. Gustav Winkler proceeded to request covering fire, but were told they would receive none as their support had retreated out of reach. Obgf. Georg, seeing no real alternative, felt he should close distance with the nearby enemy rifle squad and eliminate them.

While springing from one foxhole to the next, Rek. Winkler was killed by rifle fire from the West Commons building. Obgf. Georg safely reached the foxhole and engaged the squad, killing one infantryman. Unable to hit the other, he attempted to get close enough to lob a grenade into the window, but was killed by an unsupressed machine gunner in vicinity of the Main Gate.

Casualties - Taken: Full casualties sustained.

Inflicted: One confirmed casualty inflicted by 25. ID.

Casualty Report

Uffz. Alois Hertz - Killed by enemy forces when trying to relay information about the enemy infantry in West Commons.

Obgf. Lorenz Georg - Killed by enemy forces after engaging forces in the apartments overlooking West Commons.

Schtz. Knud Madsen - Killed when dismounting from the SdKfz. 251.

Rek. Gustav Winkler - Killed when moving to engage forces with Obgf. Lorenz Georg.



Third Engagement


In the third and final engagement, the 25. ID was tasked with suppressing the Apartment area with the SdKfz. 251 mounted machine gun. We were then supposed to attack in a similar fashion as we did in the first engagement. This initially went according to plan for the 25. ID. As for the other units, however, they were either scattered, misinformed on unit positions, or destroyed. The 369. RIR was to assist us in our assault on the South objectives, though they unfortunately misinterpreted my description of the Southern Gate as being the Main Gate on the northern side of the Tractor Works.

We laid suppressing fire on the windows and doors of the second floor of the building. While on the mounted MG-34, Schtz. Knud Madsen got one confirmed kill on an officer in the doorway. With the 506th destroyed and the 369. RIR quickly declining in number, we infiltrated the sewer system and I ordered watches on all possible entry ways and flanks. We were soon overrun and systematically killed. Following Schtz. Madsen's death, Obgf. Georg shot and killed an infantryman that had jumped through a sewer hole before being shot down himself.

I note the actions of Rek. Gustav Winkler regarding his bravery in facing down the entire Soviet force in the sewer system. He struck down one Bolshevik with his Karabiner 98k, and threw a Stielhandgranate at the encroaching Soviet forces, but was soon overrun and killed. I personally commend his bravery in the face of imminent death.

Casualties - Taken: Full casualties sustained

Inflicted: Three confirmed casualties inflicted.

Casualty Report

Uffz. Alois Hertz - Killed by enemy forces when they entered the sewer system.

Obgf. Lorenz Georg - Inflicted a casualty on enemy forces in the sewer system, but killed immediately after.

Schtz. Knud Madsen - Inflicted one enemy casualty via use of the SdKfz. 251's machine gun platform. First killed in the sewer system.

Rek. Gustav Winkler - Killed after facing the entire enemy force, managed to kill one enemy soldier.[/b]



In attendance: - Uffz. Alois Hertz

- Obgf. Lorenz Georg

- Schtz. Kund Madsen

- Rek. Gustav Winkler

Not In attendance: - All absent on LOA


- Signed:

Alois Hertz

Lorenz Georg
Lorenz Georg
Lorenz Georg
SS Scharführer
SS Scharführer

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