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Aplication - Sebastian (Pending) Empty Aplication - Sebastian (Pending)

Post  bas198 on Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:05 am

1. Realism Name: Sebastian Pötz

2. Age 16

3. Country: The Netherlands

4. Previous Realism Units/Clans: No RO2 clans but I am and was in clans of other games like Mount and blade and the Total War games.

5. Were you dishonorably discharged from any of the above Units/Clans?: No

6. How much time a week do you have to commit to the 10.SS?: 1/2 (can be more if needed) hours on most days

7. What does realism play mean to you? (I suggest writing more than a sentence.)
Well, realism is realism, and I love realism. In most games I play as realistic as possible. I really like RO2 because of it's realism, everything in the game is realistic. One shot one kill, bleeding, scareness, how you handle the weapons etc. I like playing careful and not rushing into the enemy like in cod or bf, of course I do rush when I quickly have to take a building or somehing like that.

8. Why are you choosing the 10.SS Panzer-Division? (Also suggest more than a sentence.)
I am choosing a Devision focussed on the german army because I like the german army, even their clothes had style. I just love their weapons.
I chose this regiment because I read your AARs. They are so epic, you play very tactical on awesome maps and you have a good command structure.

9. Where did you hear about the 10.SS Panzer-Division? (Forum, server, etc...?)
I saw a post on the tripwire forum while I was looking for a clan.

10 .Do you have a working Microphone or Headset? (Required):

11. Steam ID (this is your login / account name. Not a numerical sequence) :

12. What is your preferred in-game weapon?:
MP 40


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