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Questions from a stranger... Empty Questions from a stranger...

Post  Stig Borg on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:36 pm

Hi there troopers!

I'm posting here because i have an interest in signing up but i have a question that needs to be answered before doing so...

I have no previous experience with FPS-clans and i 'm a bit doubtful that i can meet the commitment that i guess i need to put into it. The amount of time i have to dispose for a clan varies greatly and i don't want to be stuck in an situation where i feel that i have to jam this into an already to tight schedule. It would most probably spoil it...

So I'm wondering: If i sign up, would it be possible to be put on an reserve list so that i would have the opportunity to train with you guys and maybe fill someones spot in a scrim if any of the "regulars" couldn't make it for a game?

Stig Borg
Stig Borg
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