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Post  Lorenz Georg on Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:20 pm

Volkssturm-Bataillone 283 and 149



Berlin Approach, 1945

- Volkssturm Bataillone 283 and 149
- Panzergruppe "Muncheberg"
- 9. Fallschirmjäger-Division
- 2nd Liberation Assault Group
- 52nd Guards Infantry

Objectives: Volkssturm Bataillone 283 and 149 were deployed to the rural outskirts of the city of Berlin to augment defenses manned by Panzergruppe "Muncheberg" and 9.Fallschirmjäger-Division.


The beginning of the battle was rather hectic, as everybody sought to equip themselves with Panzerfäuste before taking their positions at the lines. My undermanned Bataillon 149 took position on the eastern flank, Bataillonsführer Hertz dug into the western flank with Vkb. 283.

The Soviets did not assault immediately. A Soviet machinegun position was set up on the ridge opposite 283's entrenchment, and proceeded firing on the western flank. Volkssturmmann Nikolaus Kreutz inflicted the first casualty of the battle when he returned fire and killed the enemy gunner. From my position to the east, I saw movement still in the enemy gunner's position, and fired into the treeline, hitting and killing a Soviet infantryman.

Almost immediately after this had taken place, artillery fire fell onto Vkb. 283's position, killing them all. Volkssturmmann Stotz and I waited with trepidation for an assault that was surely coming. To our surprise, however, no infantry crested the opposite ridge; rather, an enemy KV-1 ambled slowly into position directly across from our position. After it sprayed limited fire at other unit positions, the KV was engaged by a Sturmgeschütz of Panzergruppe "Muncheberg". We observed the tank commander abandoning his vehicle after an initial shot from the StuG, successfully fleeing before the second shell destroyed the KV.

The next few minutes were somewhat uneventful for us. Machinegun fire was exchanged on the flank to our left, but I saw no casualties taken. Then, suddenly, Soviet infantry charged across the field in a style reminiscent of Schützenreihe. I managed to kill another infantryman in the field before he fell behind a small mound. Unfortunately, the combined presence of our fire and the StuG on the ridge above them ceased to deter their assault and they managed to take cover to our immediate left. I was hit and killed by PPSh fire from the neighbouring trench, and Stotz was killed right afterwards.


Casualties: Taken - Full casualties sustained.
Inflicted - Vkstrm. Kreutz killed an enemy machinegunner; Bfhr. Georg shot and killed two enemy infantrymen.

Casualty Report

Bfhr. Alois Hertz - Killed by an enemy artillery barrage on the west flank.
Vkstrm. Nikolaus Kreutz - Killed in the same artillery barrage.
Vkstrm. Knud Madsen - Killed in the same artillery barrage.
Bfhr. Lorenz Georg - Killed by a Soviet infantryman wielding a PPSh.
Vkstrm. Peter Stotz - Killed by the same infantryman.



- Bfhr. Alois Hertz
- Bfhr. Lorenz Georg
- Vkstrm. Nikolaus Kreutz
- Vkstrm. Knud Madsen
- Vkstrm. Peter Stotz


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Lorenz Georg
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