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25. Infanterie-Division (mot.)



Scenario 2 - Dzerzhinsky Tractor Works, Stalingrad

- 25. Infanterie-Divison (mot.), Gruppe "Luchs"
- Elements of the 369 Reinforced Infantry Regiment (Kroatien)
- A sniper from the 24. Panzer-Division.
- 1./ Pioniere Battalion of the 305.Infanterie-Division

Objectives: 25. ID tasked with destruction of anti-tank piece to prevent capture by enemy forces, followed by retreat to the Tractorworks Building (South 2) objective. From there, 25. ID was to provide cover for its allies in the 369. RIR.
First Engagement

Swift and clean accomplishment of the first objective. We fell back to the Tractorworks Building, and from there, killed four enemy infantrymen - including two high ranking officers. The forward trench line collapsed under an enemy assault, and the 369. RIR was wiped out. Gruppe Luchs, then standing alone, fell to a surprise assault by 305. ID infantry who infiltrated the Tractorworks, utilizing submachine guns for a close quarters advantage.

Casualties - Taken: Full casualties sustained.
Inflicted: Five known enemy casualties.

Casualty Report
Obgf. Lorenz Georg - Killed two infantrymen, including Lt. Ernst Hoffmann. First one dead in the final 305. ID assault.
Uffz. Alois Hertz - Killed two infantrymen, including Lt. Eugen Reinhard. Was second to die in aforementioned assault.
Schtz. Knud Madsen - Was positioned in the furthest room from the approaching 305. infantry. Was killed attempting to fight back.

Second Engagement
Once again, a swift, clean accomplishment of the primary objective. I ordered Obgf. Georg to an overwatch position in the north side of the building to avoid a surprise infiltration as had occurred in the first engagement. The 369. RIR encountered mild resistance initially, as the 305. ID opted to bypass them for an assault on the Tractorworks. Though detected and fired upon as they entered the building, the 305. ID was victorious and seized the Tractorworks. The 369. RIR met their end when ambushed by an enemy machinegun team in the Monument Square.

Casualties: Taken: Full casualties sustained.
Inflicted: One confirmed casualty inflicted by 25. ID.

Casualty Report
Uffz. Alois Hertz - Killed by enemy forces when informed of 305. ID's presence within the Tractorworks building and moved to assist.
Schtz. Nikolaus Kreutz - Was killed by enemy forces while attempting to relocate to a safer position.
Obgf. Lorenz Georg - Killed by enemy forces after briefly engaging them in corridor and flanking around the exterior of the building. Shot and killed an enemy infantryman before being killed himself.



In attendance: - Uffz. Alois Hertz
- Obgf. Lorenz Georg
- Schtz. Nikolaus Kreutz
- Schtz. Knud Madsen
Not In attendance: - Rek. Klaus Stamper

*Regarding Rek. Stamper: Did not post LOA on forums or indicate status in the Scenario thread. Though he informed us via Steam of uncertainty regarding his availability, we would like to remind our members to please utilize the forums and keep us informed in advance. Thank you.*


- Signed:
Alois Hertz
Lorenz Georg


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